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Sarah Lederman (1994) is a film maker and studied both Documentary and Fiction at the The Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound (RITCS) in Brussels. She finished her Film MFA at Sint-Lucas Brussels with her short film ‘Les Racines de l’Eau’. At UK Jewish Film Festival 2022 she won the Best Short Film award. She is part of Lukas Dhont's Future Five. 

'Licht’, a children's documentary for KETNET and VRT, which premiered at DOK Leipzig, recently won the Ensor for Best Short Film 2023.  She is finishing her fiction short film ‘Friday, 1st of July’. 

She specializes in visual intimate stories through fine story telling, honest and pure with a considerate attention for detail. She has a great sensibility for capturing unfolding unique moments. Documentary and fiction film both fascinate her.


2024 Friday, 1st of July fiction - in post-production

2022 Lightdocumentary

2021 les Racines de l'Eau - documentary

2020 TIGER TIBBE - fiction

2018 Interval - fiction

2018 Rand - documentary

2017 Coco Putain - fiction

2017 La Vie a La Caserne - documentary

2017 Cocon - fiction

2017 Verder Dan Hier Niet - documentary

2016 Frank - documentary

2016 Une Histoire de l’Ombre - documentary

2016 Miriam - fiction

2015 De Vrouw Van Hier Naast - documentary 

2015 Togetherness - documentary


Festivals and Awards : 

Best film - International short film festival Leuven for 'Friday, 1st of July' - 2023 

           (Oscar qualification: long listed for Best Short Film 2024)

Best cinematography - International short film festival Leuven for 'Friday, 1st of July' - 2023

Ensor for Best Shortfilm for 'Licht' - 2023

Cézar 2023 Les Nuits en Or for 'Licht' - 2023

Award for Best Documentary at FF Young Horizons for 'Light' - 2023

Award for Best Short film at UK Jewish Film Film Festival for 'les Racines de l'Eau' - 2021 

Award & First Prize for Best Short Film at FFO Film Festival Ostend for 'les Racines de l'Eau' - 2021

Award for Best Cinematography for 'les Racines de l'Eau' at CUT TO GHENT - 2021 

Award for Best Cinematography & Runner Up Best Director for 'Cocon' at Thunderdance FF - 2020

Second prize for best short film 'Cocon' at CUT TO GHENT - 2019

Award for Best International Short Film ‘Miriam’ at BFI Future Film Festival - 2016

Vrijdag, 1 juli :

National premiere: International short film festival Leuven 2023

Licht :

Official Selection Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur 2023

Official Selection Les Mains Gauches 2023

Cézar 2023 Les Nuits en Or ' 2023

Ensor for Best Short film & Nominated for 2 Ensors 2023 (Best Short Film and Best Documentary Series Ket&Doc)

Official Selection DOK Leipzig 2022

Official Selection Kortfilmfestival Leuven 2022

Official Selection JEF festival Antwerp 2022

Official Selection Docville Leuven 2022

Official Selection Cut To Ghent 2022

les Racines de l'Eau :

Official Selection Les Mains Gauches 2022 - Marseille

Official Selection UK Jewish Film Festival 2021 - London

Official Selection ZINEBI 63 Festival 2021 - Bilbao 

Official Selection FFO Film Festival Ostend 2021 - Ostend

Official Selection Brussels Short Film Festival BSFF 2021 - Brussels

Official Selection CUT TO GHENT 2021 - Ghent 

Official Selection Graines de Cinéastes / Elles tournent 2021 - Brussels


Official Selection JEF festival Antwerp 2020

Official Selection Filem’On International Film Festival Brussels 2020

Cocon :

Award Best Cinematography and Runner Up for Best Director Thunderdance Film Festival 2017

Second prize for best short film at CUT TO: GHENT 2019

Screened at UITKORT at UITKIJK Amsterdam 2019

Official Selection Film Festival Oostende - 2018

Official Selection Shorts International Film Festival Trieste - Marametraggio Section 2018

Official Selection Quarantine Festival 2018 

Official Selection Cefalù Film Festival 2018

Official Selection Thunderdance Film Festival 2017


Verder Dan Hier Niet :

Official Selection Shortcut Film Festival 2018      

Official Selection Living Skies Student Festival 2018      

Screened at Theater Aan Zee Oostende 2017


Miriam :

Award : Best International Short Film – BFI Future Film Festival 2017         

Official Selection Miami Jewish Film Festival 2017

Official Selection Geofilmfestival and Expocinema 2017

Official Selection Moving Pictures Festival 2016

Official Selection Festival de Cortometrajes “Jose Franscisco Rosado” PACAS 2016


Une Histoire De l’Ombre :

Official Selection Eindhoven Film Festival 2016

Official Selection Västeras Film Festival 2017
Official Selection Near Nazareth Film Festival 2017

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